Astros @ Angels*, August 17, 2021


10000000000% yes. Bull Durham is the best baseball movie ever made. Field of dreams is good but it’s behind Major League, Moneyball, and Sandlot at the least, for me anyway.

Heresy again.

I’m prepared to die on this hill

Is this the part where we talk about how overrated The Sandlot is?

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I’m willing to admit that Sandlot is a nostalgia choice for me because it’s the first baseball movie I loved as a kid

Me too!

End of the 3rd, 1-0 Astros.

Pointy-headed intellectual

This seems like a pretty tight zone.

Has Yuli gotten a hit since he returned from the IL?

0 for 13

The week before the IL, he was riding at 12 for 23.

Has not hit too many hard either.

Benentendi’s gonna hurt himself if he doesn’t stop.

I think It’s a silly movie about ghost players and a farmer who carries a shovel around in a cornfield and buys seeds at harvest time. But I didn’t not like it.

I’m considering tonight a must win.

I’m not a fan.

I know you all secretly love Angels in the Outfield.

But The Rookie is a good story.

Not on a night that they’re playing the Angels.

this is not not fucking around.