Astros @A’s, August 7, 2020


Altuve flies out F9 on the first pitch

Jose be hackin


Bregman grounds out weakly 6-3

1-0 Astros

After sucking on D lately, Straw at least backed up Reddick well on that one.

I suspect he got a lecture after that inside-the-park debacle the other night.

Gameday suggests Altuve could be more selective at the plate.

And here we go…

I hope that Greinke isn’t under the impression that the bullpen will come in and bail him out.

Greinke hits a batter, gives up a single, then a 4-pitch walk to the 9 hitter…

Greinke is a four inning pitcher now.


Pitcher’s best friend

Dodged a bullet.

Two hits? That all, two goddamn hits?

Let’s not get greedy.

That’s the easiest Name That Astro in quite some time



Straw is beginning to piss me off.

If Laureano is running out of the box and not trotting down to 1B with the bat, it’s an easy ITP home run

Straw has no business playing defense. He’s a pinch runner.

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Straw owes Greinke a steak dinner.