A's at Astros - May 15, 2024

OK, do one for offense!

I love it when Yordan hits a home run.


I’ll be quiet.


Ok, when I typed that I only “saw” the rbi on gameday.

Holy hell Nevin had a vapor lock moment there.

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Might have scored anyway even if Nevin hadn’t been looking at butterflies on the outfield.

Gonna be a crazy third period in North Texas where it is all tied 2-2. The Stars lead the series 3 games to 1.

3-2 Avs.

Utah…gimme two!

Good game. A small 4 game winning streak.

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When Espada announced before the game that there was basically one reliever available, I was convinced Framber wouldn’t make it out of the second. If this was the Astros of three weeks ago, he wouldn’t have. But they’re playing like a real baseball team these days and this was a good win.


Glad to take it!!!

4 wins - the 'Stros are hot!!!

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This is where I am at.

Every season has ebbs and flows. Every team has ups and downs. There is also no doubt that those things have lives of their own and snowball until something happens to change that momentum - good or bad.

The last couple of days have convinced me that the negative cycle over the first quarter of the season has finally been vanquished.

Now lets hope they can keep the current one going as long as possible.

I agree that he has played more at 2B (and OF), but he has gotten regular work at 1B the last several seasons … and a lot of those have been starts. he was the “first backup” 9in terms of games played) at both 1B and 2B for Fayetteville in 2022. That said, it does look like the Astros see him in the OF (with perhaps some emergency IF duties) rather than as a “super sub”.