A's at Astros, 9/11/23

Angels and Mariners still tied after 7

Still 3-3, Angels have runners @ 2nd & 3rd w/ 1 out in top of the 9th…

HBP bases loaded!
IF in.

Phillips 2-2, 3-2, foul, foul, K, 2 outs
Adams (Rookie) GO, end of threat!

3-3, Bot of 9th

Bot of 9th, 3-3

Two on, none out (2 singles)…

Kelenic K’s, 1 out
GO 6-2, 2 outs
GO 1st base unassisted, 3 outs

Both teams leave the bases loaded; Mariners got nothing to OF.

Top of 10th, still tied.

Top 10th, tied

Runner on 2nd, 2 out
Drury HR, Angels lead 5-3
K, 3 outs

Bot 10th, Angels 5-3

Bot 10, Angels 5-3

Crawford K’s, 1 out
Pitching Chg, Jose Marte replaces Aaron Loup.
Julio batting, Tie game HR!
(44th member of 30-30 club)
3-0, BB
GIDP, 3 outs

Top 11th
tie game 5-5

Top 11th - tied

Escobar singles, runners 1st & 3rd, 1 out
Thornton 0-2, 1-2, single to CF!
**6-5 w/ runners 1st & 3rd, 1 out
**Pitching chg Gabe Speier replaces Trent Thornton

Failed suicide attempt, 1-2, runner moves to 2nd, 2 outs
single, single = 8-5, Angels!!!
walk loads bases
**Isaiah Campbell replaces Gabe Speier.
Fly out, 3rd out

Bot 11th,
Angels 8-5

Bot 11th, 8-5

Suarez K’s
France Flyout, 2 outs
Kelenic 2-2, (s/b K), 3-2, GO to SS

Gracias, Angels!!! 8-5!

ETA: Worst loss of season! 4-game losing streak!
Could not hit a ball out of the infield w/ sacks full in 9th!
Six bullpen arms used in loss.


'Stros made unwanted history being SO by the A’s…

Taggert caught it.

Can you please stick to the game at hand during the game.

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