Angels @ Astros, August 25, 2020, GAME 2


Brantley grounds out 3-1…hit it hard, but right at La Stella at 1B

4-0 Angels

Man, Garneau is a butcher


Trout strikes out looking


La Stella strikes out looking


Fletcher flies out F8

4-0 Angels

Radio broadcast in game 1 said Trout’s K %age is 32 this season.

Well, he’s a high strikeout guy. It’s normally around 25%.


Gurriel breaks his bat on a flair single to LCF

This guy’s zone is wider than Nell Carter’s ass.


Tucker scalds a line drive, but right at Rengifo who was standing almost behind the first baseman…Gurriel doubled off of 1B

The zone is fucking enormous for the Astros.

Jesus fucking christ.


Correa smokes another ball 1,000 mph, but a diving stop by Fletcher and it goes 5-3

Two balls absolutely smoked for three outs

4-0 Angels

Nell Carter is dead. At least pick a living person to make fun of.

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Did the Astros just forget there was a second game tonight? This is some shitty, sloppy bullshit so far.


Ohtani grounds to SS, Toro there in the shift, takes his time, counts the laces, smokes a cigarette, and can’t get Ohtani. One lollygagged infield single

That’s back to back nights where the Astros third baseman is caught napping.

Fat Bastard?

Professor Klump?

Kim Kardashian?

Kardashian is appropriate.


Three words rarely used together.