ALDS Game 3: Astros at White Sox

Inauspicious start.

Who is that?


Tom Hallion.

How much that the storing zone is different for the Astros?

I’m more concerned about this part of the inning a far as starts are concerned.

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Five pitches were not swung at. HPU gagged on three of them.

This environment rivals the stuff spewed at the Astros in New York this season.

No, the guy with the British accent.

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Thats Limey.

He mostly posts about computers, the Texans, and his bunk habits.


The other game will “go to 11”.

That’s a strike, blue!

Their zone graphic is overlaying on the pitcher.


Bottom 1


Singles to right

Inauspicious start to the bottom half.

The graphics are shitterly amateurish.

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If you wear a Masters visor to a playoff baseball game you’re a douchenozzle.


“Big cut”?

The corner graphic gives me a headache.

Gotta check that swing, Machete

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Shut up, Pierzynski. Anderson saw breaking balls because he’s a free swinger that struggles with them.

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