2024 Race for the Lid - Astro-nomical Determination: Rising to the Stars Again!

Working off of Craig’s exemplary 2023 version of RftL, I had Chat GPT come up with the 2024 Houston Astros slogan and while it’s not as in-your-face as “Good Luck, Fuckers!”, it does have the requisite weirdness of AI-generated pap.

“Astro-nomical Determination: Rising to the Stars Again!”

With that, let’s get going! Since I was the Lucky Lid Lifter with 90 wins last season, I’m putting this thing together so here’s what’s up.

  1. Ty is the official scorekeeper.

  2. Pick the total number of Astros wins, starting Opening Day 2024, through the end of the regular season. Since we will not be picking until after the results of the Opening Day match-up with the Bronx Buttwipes, you all will be receiving a 1-game advantage. Use it wisely.

  3. All picks are in this thread. (As Craig said last year, fix yo’ shit if you stomp all over each other. I will not be able to police the thread)

  4. One number per person. If identical picks, Ty determines which poster gets the pick. If it’s earlier in the thread, it’s yours and not the poor schlub’s who’s is later. Pick again.

  5. The grand prize is an Astros cap of Ty’s choosing from the Astros store. Craig got me a super-stylish Space City lid last year and I’ve worn it all winter. May this year’s be the Lid everyone wants to be wearing at the end of the season…if you know what I mean.

  6. NO PICKS WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL THE OFFICIAL COMMENCEMENT TIME of 10 a.m. Central, March 29, 2024. A week should be plenty long enough for y’all to sort everything out so a week it shall be.

  7. If there is no correct pick, then then I will put everyone’s name in a lid and draw a winner. Somebody HAS to win.

  8. The stress from all those years I didn’t win has taken a huge toll on me so I’ll sit this one out.

  9. Here’s the list of past winners:

2023 - Ty
2022 - Craig
2021 - PCOL2000
2020 - no winner
2019 - spleen
2018 - not recorded
2017 - Duman
2016 - WVastro
2015 - Fredia
2014 - HudsonHawk
2013 - Fynn
2012 - Ebby Calvin
2011 - no winner
2010 - Lurch
2009 - Ron Brand
2008 - EasTexAstro
2007 - no winner
2006 - Fredia
2005 - Drew Corleone
2004 - Andyzipp
2003 - Jim R
2002 - no winner
2001 - Neil T.
2000 - no winner
1999 - Astrobabe

Good luck everyone and remember, only Astro-nomical Determination will Race you to the Lid!

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  1. Wait…what day is today?

There’s always one.

99 wins


Apparently there’s more than one.

Do me the service of reading my hard work above. I’m busy, dammit!!

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Hey, when can we put in our picks?


You expect us to READ? Come on man

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Damn, the one year I think I have gotten my act together to get a plausible win total…

Has the RftL rules thread ever had pick posting immediately? I don’t think it has. It always has everyone worked up to a frothy lather at the designated time.

Has any RftL ever proceeded without a bunch of yahoos fucking up the process then bitching about the outcome? I don’t think it has.


A handful of people picking too early is a time honored tradition


And I was always hosed because the starting time of 10am didn’t play well with my job. But this year you guys are in trouble!


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If the BBG’s are benevolent enough to let the Astros win tonight, I’ll choose 94 wins at the start of the contest tomorrow at 10am central. In the unlikely event that the Astros have to forfeit or something, I’ll choose 93 wins. Tomorrow at 10am. Central. Just letting everyone know.

I will pick 96.

I will pick a number of my choosing.


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I am awaiting the advice of Ohtani’s translator.

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